Get Found Faster

Instead of search engines having to crawl through someone elses's domain to find you, you can more easily show up in searches.


Stand out from the crowd

Get your resume on your own domain! Nothing says cutting edge and ownership of your brand like having your own domain (""). Let hiring managers and recruiters know that you take your career and your brand seriously.



Be your business

You have your various profiles on all the job sites.
You are plugged in and conducting all the right social media activities.
You are an active networker.
Your personal brand is positive and professional.
You manage your career like a business.
Businesses have websites.
Why don't you have a website?

Build you own your brand

At the very top of your resume webpage you can post your brand, who you are and what you do. You already have a resume, you need to have a resume webpage. Each webpage is custom built, no templates. Tired of having to decide between a chronological versus functional format? Then don't, we will help you design a 3 dimensional online profile that can include your resume information, recommedations, video clips, and almost anything else to help you develop and extend your brand.


Why should you have a resume webpage? Here are a few reasons...

  • Unique
  • Affordable
  • Emphasize you
  • Open 24/7
  • Central hub
  • Personal brand
  • Individuality
  • Compete
  • Be found

Your resume webpage includes:

  • Pop ups and success enhancers
  • Your picture (optional)
  • Links to downloadable version
  • Links to your other online profiles


Get started now!

  1. Send your resume as an attachment to
  2. Select a plan below and pay via Paypal..
  3. That's it! Your resume will be online within 24-48 hours. Price includes hosting the page for 1 year.

Select a Plan

*If your name is not available as a top level domain, we will help you find a domain you like at no additional cost.

Questions? Send them to



More info about you: skills, competencies, hobbies, etc...

Because the web is dynamic and interactive,
you can have a web-based resume that is
equally as dynamic and interactive. The
format and layout can be what works best
for your skills and background.
You can have your skills and background
working for you for less than a dime a day!
You can create a format that highlights
your career successes. Define and own “you”
online. Put all the best content about you
under your name. Add your domain to your
email signature. Link back to your domain
from your other profiles. This boosts your
position in search results.
If you are doing a lot in different areas
of social media, you can organize your
links in the order you want and create
links directly to where you want.
Share what you've already created at
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.
OPEN 24/7
The web is always open.Your customized
profile is working for you all the time.
Claim your domain before someone else does!
Show that you are distinctive. People value
scarcity. Instead of just another online profile
turn your website into a sales brochure for your
number one most important business: you!
Talk about who you are as a person.
Include recommendations, commendations,
awards, gratitudes and platitudes in your
profile. You are the decider!
Compete for jobs everywhere, not
just in this social circle or that job
board. The whole internet becomes
your target market.
Help recruiters, hiring managers and Google
find you! Get hired, get back in touch, get
discovered. Chances are that any hiring
manager or recuriter you work with is going
to Google you. Make it easy for them to find
what you want them to know about you.